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cadlao resort & restaurant

t: +63 (0) 91 7589 7069
e: info@cadlaoresort.com
» www.cadlaoresort.com

Set amongst a tropical garden and looks out to stunning views across the China Sea and El Nido bay. Cadlao resort's service standard ensures attention to details, with a welcoming and friendly atmosphere. The resort offers guests personal services and facilities including an infinity pool, bar & restaurant. There are 16 bedrooms with large bay windows, sun lounge terraces and have locally made furniture. Bathroooms are open style with hot and cold water.

Rates: From PHP 3,700 to 7,000

casa buenavista

beach front, buena suerte
t: +63 (0) 92 9248 2475
e: info@casabuenavista.tk
» www.casabuenavista.tk

Located on the beach in the center of El Nido. Casa Buenavista offers you the following: Four clean Fan rooms, two of them with private and two with common bath, hot and cold shower, a spacious balcony with a panoramic view of El Nido Bay, European sized beds, free Coffee, Tea and Mineral Water, Laundry Service and Wireless Internet (for your own laptop).

Rates: PHP 900 to 1200 per night
Monthly rent possible during off season (June to October)

casa el nido

beach front, buena suerte
t: +63 (0) 91 9370 1289
e: worldtoursint@my.smart.com.ph
e: worldtoursinter@aol.com
» www.dolarog.com/casa_el_nido

Breathtaking view from the large balcony to the magnificent island of Cadlao and joined by a beautiful white sand beach ideal for swimming. 24-hours electricity, running water, electric fans and silent air-conditioning. "Casa El Nido" is a single storey 2-bedroom Spanish style Beach House with a large stylish living room and bathroom. It has a total size of 120 sq metres (ca 1,200 sq feet) living area and can easily accomodate 3 couples.

Rates: $100 per night for the whole house

cliffside cottages

rizal st, brgy maligaya
t: +63 (0) 91 9785 6625

Located slightly away from the centre, Cliffside cottages are a quieter alternative. Each cottage comes with ensuite bathroom and shower, and patioed front with seating.

Rate: PHP 350-450 per night

dara fernandez beach cottages

hama st, brgy masagana
t: +63 (0) 91 6934 9724

dolarog beach resort

t: +63 (0) 91 9867 4360
e: info@dolarog.com
» www.dolarog.com

Dolarog Beach Resort is set in a palm grove near a lush forest, with a magnificent view of the Bacuit archipelago sunrise from the beachfront cottages. Some cottages come with Air-Con.

Rates: PHP 3,500 - 5,000 per night

el nido beach hotel

brgy. masagana
t: +63 (0) 48 723 0887
t: +63 (0) 92 0867 3777
e: elnido_beachhotel@yahoo.com
» www.elnidobeachhotel.com

Experience El Nido in our nest. El Nido Beach Hotel is located along the town's beach side. Enjoy a spectacular view of Cadlao island, the breathtaking sunset, the lush of forest limestone. Each room and suite is designed with the comfort and convenience of guests in mind. The complimentary high speed interet access in all rooms is a welcome treat, especially for business travellers. The hotel serves Japanese cuisine and other western cuisine. All rooms have hot Water, TV, Mini fridge and free Wifi.

Rates: from P3500 to P4500 per room, breakfast included.

el nido garden beach resort

sitio cabugao, brgy. masagana
t: +63 (0) 48 723 0127
t: +63 (0) 91 5489 9009
e: elnidogardenresort@yahoo.com
» www.elnidogardenresort.com

El Nido Garden Beach Resort is located within the heart of El Nido town. It surrounds itself with nature's well reserved islands and outstanding seascapes. The fact that El Nido Garden Beach Resort contributes to a first-rate vacation place helps make El Nido more appealing to tourists and local residents. The resort defines the wonder and magnificence of the island as it captures the traditional-contemporary Filipino inspired architectural design.El Nido Garden Resort boasts its conventional-contemporary inspired lodging, fully air-conditioned and equipped with first-class amenities. All rooms are within the beachfront and swimming pool area.

Rates: $100-145 per night

el nido resorts

» www.elnidoresorts.com

The El Nido Resorts in Miniloc Island and Lagen Island are located within the El Nido Protected Area, in two of the five islands where tourism development is allowed. The resorts provide easy access to the different points of interest in El Nido. While each resort has its own special charm, both offer the same distinct quality of service that is attuned and responsive to the unique needs of each guest and focuses on making sure that your holiday is worry-free and filled with enriching experiences.

Rates: $165-200 per night

full house

el nido
e: lina_viklund@hotmail.com
w: www.elnidofullhouse.com

Perfect for families, friends or anyone who just enjoys comfortable and clean accomodation. Everything is built to a European standard. Perfectly located between El Nido Town and Corong Corong beach. Only 4-5 min walk to both places. Quiet and clean. The house accomodates up to 10 people. 3 double bedrooms, 1 single bedroom, and 1 room for an extra bed. 2 spacious, clean bathrooms with hot shower fitted. Fully equiped kitchen with refrigerator, freezer, oven, microwave, gas stove and cutlery. Living room with DVD player and 80 movies.

Rates: (whole house): 4,500 pesos per night (1-8 people),
5,000 pesos per night (9-12 people).
(Max. capacity is 14 people incl. use of the sofas in the living room and an extra mattress on the floor. 5 000php + 200php/ EXTRA person/ night).

four seasons inn

Osmena St., Brgy. Masagana
t: +63 (0) 91 9452 4266
e: jhkim_18@yahoo.com

65m from Seafront, 10 Fan and Air-con Rooms, most of them with hot water. With View Deck on Roof top.

Rates: Fan rooms from PHP 700 to PHP 900, Air-con from PHP 1,200 to PHP 2,400

four seasons resort & restaurant

Lugadia, Brgy. Corong Corong, El Nido
t: +63 (0) 91 9452 4266
e: jhkim_18@yahoo.com

This resort lays on a secluded beach in Corong Corong Bay, 5 minutes drive from town. It has a good view over the Bacuit Bay and a beautiful Sunset. All 10 rooms have Air-con and hot water and there is also a restaurant.

Rates: from PHP 1,900 to PHP 2,900

golden monkey cottages

t: +63 (0) 92 9206 4352
e: rose@goldenmonkeyelnido.com
» www.goldenmonkeyelnido.com

The Golden Monkey cottages are situated on Ca-alan beach, just a 10 minute walk from El Nido town. You will walk along the beach or meander lazily along the scenic path, through lush rice fields and coconut plantations that back onto virgin forest, as you wind your way to your cottage. They offer quality accommodation with comfortable fan rooms and clean modern bathrooms. Each cottage has a large veranda and a spectacular view of the islands. Since they are located just outside of El Nido, away from the noise and bustle of the town, you will benefit from the peace of the surrounding forests and you will be free simply to relax and absorb the atmosphere.

Rates: from PHP 1500 per night

la salangane

serena street 33, buena suerte
t: +63 (0) 91 6648 6994
» info@lasalangane.com
» www.lasalangane.com

With two different locations, both seafront, La Salangane Hotel offers a variety of accommodations according to the wishes and budgets of its guests. Downtown, near the restaurant, three different kinds of rooms are offered: the Suite (A/C, cable TV, hot shower) with its big terrace over the sea, the Premium Room (A/C, cable TV, hot shower, balcony) and two Budget Rooms (hot shower, balcony). Along the quiet Caalan Beach, the villa has four apartments, all equipped with a kitchen, the hot shower, a mini-bar and a large terrace overlooking the sea. The villa is the perfect place to bathe in a calm, tranquil and rejuvenating atmosphere.

Rates: PHP 1500 to 4200

las cabanas beach resort

t: +63 (0) 92 0278 5643
e: las_cabanas_resort@yahoo.com
w: www.lascabanasresort.com

Located about 3km south of El Nido town, Las Cabanas Beach Resort is set on a headland offering a panoramic view of the outlying islands. Quiet and secluded beachfront cottages with fan. Canadian/Filipina ownership.

Rates: PHP 3,500 - 4,200 per person per day inc daily meals

lualhati cottages

rizal st, brgy maligaya
t: +63 (0) 91 9319 6683
e: athan_lualhati@yahoo.com

Slightly further away than Cliffside, Lualhati offers a sanctual retreat with a range of sized rooms each with patioed fronts. It also features a shared kitchen, making these cottages particularly ideal for families. Special rates for long stays are also welcome.

Rates: PHP 500-550 per night

malapacao island retreat & healing spa

t: +63 (0) 91 7896 3406
e: leeann@malapacao.com
» www.malapacao.com

An holistic healing, detox fasting retreat spa, at a private island paradise in the El Nido Marine Reserve, Palawan, Philippines. Experience 8-day, 15-day or longer programs, offering parasite cleansing, raw food, weight loss; many just for women on a health challenge, or with emotional pain. Includes alternative energy healing therapies, like massage, reflexology, ear candling, clay-bakes, reiki-with visualization & charka repair, colonic irrigation & much more, in an empowering spiritual setting.

Rates: $1,195 - 8 days, $2,195 - 15 days

marina garden beach resort

Beachfront (Hama St.), Bgy. Masagana
t: +63 (0) 917 624 7722 / +63 (0) 908 884 3711
e: marinagarden.elnido@gmail.com
» www.mgelnido.com

One of the first accommodations in El Nido, Marina Garden is less than a minute's walk to the town's best shops and restaurants. The Country Villa's air-conditioned, shabby-chic rooms nurture the traveller that yearns for the comforts of home (hot showers and cable TV available depending on room). The original fan-cooled Native Cottages are also available for those seeking a more rustic Philippine experience-ideal for backpackers and budgeters. Access free WiFi Internet while relaxing in your beachfront room, dining at our beachfront café, seeking shade in a bamboo hammock, or lounging on the longest beachfront along the town beach.

Rates: PHP 650-890 (Fan-cooled rooms/cottages),
PHP 1,450-2,250 (Air-conditioned Rooms)

og's beach pension

beach front, brgy masagana
t: +63 (0) 91 6707 0393 / 92 0404 0223
» ogspensionne@yahoo.com

Og's Inn is located in the middle of bay above Og's Resto Bar. The view is simply breathtaking and there is seating on the balcony where many a visitor whiles the hours away taking it in, a must see. There are a range of rooms available including three with air-conditioning.

Rates: PHP 500-2900 per night
Credit Cards Accepted

rico's cottages

hama st, brgy masagana
t: +63 (0) 91 9384 8561

Rico's cottages are on the beachfront with a relaxing communial veranda. It has just been refurbished. It has two floors of rooms available, expect to pay a little more for the gorgeous view from upstairs.

Rates: PHP 750-1800 per night
Credit Cards Accepted

rosanna's cottages

t: +63 (0) 92 0605 4631 / 92 0847 7674

Rosanna's cottages are just opposite Palawan Divers. Cottages are detached, and all bedrooms have just been refurbished. Relax a little away from the bustle of the main town area, take up the view and forget everything!

Rates: PHP 900-1800 per night

rovic's pension house

beach front, hama st.
t: +63 (0) 92 8520 2655 / 92 0542 0695 / 92 0923 2305
e: rovicspension@yahoo.com
» www.rovicspensionelnido.multiply.com

Rovic's Pension House is conveniently situated in the middle of the beach front bay of the town. Discover the wonders of El Nido Islands with us. See and be mesmerized of nature's beauty.

Rates: PHP 1100-1500

stunning vistas beach resort

located in Corong Corong some 3km from the center of El Nido
t: +63 (0) 92 1751 5783 / +63 (0) 90 8166 7405
e: edenmc62@yahoo.com or gmcawa@yahoo.com
» www.elnidostunningvistas.com

Vistas from the Resort are indeed stunning; sunsets are our specialty. Stunning Vistas is near all that the central area of town has to offer, but more private, quiet and natural. In addition to aquatic activities such as island hopping and kayaking, when you stay with us, you can enjoy tennis, volleyball, massage therapy and more.
Hungry? Dine in our restaurant; everyone likes the food-Asian, Mexican, Italian, and wonderful fish entrees.
Want great quality and low prices in both lodging and food services? Try Stunning Vistas Beach Resort!
Owners: Eden, Alexis and Gary McLean

Rates: PHP 1100-1500

sunshine inn

serena st, buena suerte
t: +63 (0) 91 9556 4546


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  • Tandikan Cottage
  • Hadefe Cottage, Ca'alan Beach

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